Murphy Lakes physical description

420 acres by deed, (385 taxed) includes 8 strip mine Lakes, 284 acres m/l of timber, crop fields, Goat Island (7-acre peninsula), grass CRP fields, alfalfa & game plots are all part of Murphy Lakes. All the habitable buildings are 1 mile from each of 3 county gravel roads in Howard County, Missouri. This unique setting allows star viewing and moon reflections on the lakes without the blur of city lights. A hot air balloon ride or helicopter flight depicts the graphic changes of all the different property features, lakes, timber, creeks, crop fields and grass mixed in with over 9 miles of trails & roads. Trails are limited to goat island & the bridge during weddings. Timber stand improvements are on their 3rd go around. Timber has grown over all the strip mine tailings where many Indian artifacts have been found. Cropland next to timber along lakes & streams mixed in with game plots attract a large variety of wildlife. Trees nawed & taken down by beavers for their dams are intermingled with muskrat dens. Beautiful Wood ducks, Pintails and Coots are seen nesting in the cattails. Eagles nest & fish here in the winter and it’s not uncommon to see deer swim in the lakes! Turkeys have come in during weddings to join the party and have roosted overnight in trees by the Wedding Barn. The diversity of flora & fauna & landscape can’t be found in over run public areas.

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