Weddings at Murphy Lakes

Historic Murphy Lakes hosts beautiful outdoor & indoor creative weddings 4 miles south of Higbee in Howard County. The development of this destination wedding venue began in 1996 when the Alongi family saw its awesome potential. After a 1/2-mile easement for water and 1 mile of trenching Thomas Hill water extended their reach. The wedding barn became habitable, and the remodeling began. People wondered why a wedding venue would be created 1 mile inside a property from 3 different county gravel roads. Only the people who have experienced this place can explain that this unique place “Rocks.” This wedding chapel had to be in “God’s Country.”

Weddings were started in 2011 approximately, for the purpose of introducing groups of people to Murphy Lakes. Unbelievable improvements have been made since then and continue. Now the emphasis has shifted to providing a safe place to stay avoiding $10,000.00 DWI’s. The time to prepare for and pack out is spread over 3 days. This allows a mixing of the relatives that one day weddings can’t. It also gives family and friends more quality time to “meet and greet” at the bonfire by the lake after rehearsal & dinner. 80 people more or less can stay either in the barn or the “Red House” without the use of a shuttle or designated drivers. Everyone can sleep in & have brunch together on the wedding day. Final preparations are made for the ceremony & reception that night. Most of the decorations and table set ups have been done with a minimum of one week allowed at the Wedding Barn. Only chair arranging (supplied) and outdoor decorations remain. Both buildings have central heat & air. While the bride prepares, guests can find entertainment inside and out including a short hike to the bridge or goat island. Occasionally, guests are shown the 8 lakes or some of the famous Indian “thong trees” by the owner. A 30-dollar total charge & credit towards weddings, bachelor parties or venue use, is given to those who take the nearly 3-hour tour by ATV. Five guests can be included on the tour (reservations required for dry weather days only). This venue offers more wedding photo opportunities than almost any other venue!

The Bride and Groom should be “on stage” at the reception in the Wedding Barn. It’s their special day. Inlay wood artwork by owner & several carpenters including Josh Cross, Nathen Goen, and Steve Quigg.
Rare wedding on primitive Goat Island. Awesome view for wedding pictures. Arch by Michael Watson.
Bonfire reflection
Barn door paintings-Lizzie Bryan

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